Topix is indexing me

Posted in Web, Writing by Jon Berg on the November 7th, 2005

Topix staring to index blogs Mr Problogger has a posting about the great benefits of being indexed by Topix. Topix has according to Problogger started indexing 15.000 blogs. I tried Topix and it seems Jon Berg Exclusively is one of the 15.000. It got two of my latest postings. I don't know what it takes to get listed or how to get listed. It would be great if it were some sort of manual quality check of what the blog publishes. It means more pressure For most people getting listed probably means jumping for joy when hordes of visitors come running to you blog. Visitors are fun, but it also means you have no chance of hiding. It is more pressure to have an agenda of some sort and write stuff that people will not be ashamed of reading. It has also added a lot of pressure with that little photo up in the corner; people can now really see who is writing all this. You can run, but you can't hide.